Information and disinformation: Evaluating what we know in a world of “alternative facts”

Lindsay McNiff
Lindsay McNiff, MA, MI
Learning & Instruction Librarian
Dalhousie Libraries

How do we know what to believe? The relationship between fact and opinion can be fraught, but “fake news” made headlines in an unprecedented way in 2016. Join us for a discussion of knowledge production, verifiability, and strategies for evaluating information for bias and untruth. We will also touch on foundational concepts in information literacy, including the contextual nature of authority, the process of information creation, and the value of information. This session is suitable for both learners and educators, as we will discuss strategies for learners to identify credible information, as well as some of the challenges learners face when doing so. This session will be discussion-based and interactive; laptops are recommended but not required. 

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Killam Library, Room B400




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