Identifying and Applying Strengths: Our Students and Ourselves

Jacob Fletcher
Graduate Teaching Associate
Centre for Learning and Teaching

Understanding our own strengths as an educator will help us to develop effective teaching strategies. Just as students come equipped with their own unique learning styles, educators often possess their own set of strengths that not only contribute to a unique and memorable learning experience for their students, but also to their own personal growth and teaching success. Furthermore, students assess and value specific behavioural characteristics carried by their instructors, teaching assistants, etc. In this respect, understanding the needs of the current generation of students can contribute substantially to our own development as an educator. A study published in Communication Education assessed the value students place on ten instructor-associated behavioural traits, and how those qualities translate in the classroom. Traits including humour, trustworthiness, caring and responsiveness are a few examples of qualities heavily valued by today’s students. How can we effectively gauge the student response to our own behavioural traits? Which of your own personal strengths may be most effective in contributing to a positive educational experience for the current generation of students?

This session will explore the notion of identifying and capitalizing on the strengths of both ourselves as educators, and our students, with the purpose of enriching the educational environment. We will engage in interactive activities to help guide the process of identifying our strengths, leading into a discussion revolving around the benefits and application of these individualized traits in our classrooms.



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