Effective Leadership: What Does It Look Like Today?

Jacob Fletcher
Graduate Teaching Associate
Centre for Learning and Teaching

Although the act and perception of leadership have changed substantially over time, many forms are still practiced in higher education. There are both similarities and differences that exist between educational leadership and other traditional leadership roles. Even within education, teaching as leadership has evolved from an authoritarian style, to one of collaboration and empowerment. The skills associated with effective leadership apply to the classroom through student-educator relationships based on respect, credibility, personality and mentorship. The identification of our own leadership strengths and style is helpful in our development as an educator, as it enables us to engage in an individualized strength-based educational experience with our students. Additionally, by identifying our strengths as leaders we can, in turn, adapt strategies to become more well-rounded in our teaching.

This workshop will help you to identify your leadership styles, and will discuss effective traits and methods of leadership in the classroom, while comparing these traits with those prevalent among other leadership roles in society. We will also evaluate leadership tendencies of the past and present, and discuss the future of leadership in higher education by reflecting on our own successes and challenges.



Discussion Groups




Halifax: Killam Library, Room B400

This session will not be available via video-conference to Truro.




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