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Using Groups and Teams: A Practical Approach (Forming, Using, and Troubleshooting Groups and Teams)

Dr. David Creelman
Faculty of Arts
University of New Brunswick Saint John

In this two hour workshop we will focus on how to use groups / teams in the classroom. We will focus on techniques that can be used to form diverse and effective groups/teams. We will outline the key principles about how to use groups/teams, and we will consider both the low risk and the high risk activities teams can undertake, including such diverse group activities as discussion groups, cross-over groups, debates, Readiness Assurance Activities, and games. We will also examine some different forms of peer assessment and tackle some of the challenges that come with assessing groups. Finally we will explore some of the biggest challenges in using teams in the current classroom; developing teams in accordance with the principles of student accessibility and figuring out how to deal with teams that become dysfunctional. This workshop will emphasize practical tips to help integrate groups/teams into your classes, and will include strong interactive components.

David Creelman grew up in the Maritimes, received his Phd from York University, and has been teaching at UNB Saint John for more than twenty-five years. He has published articles on Canadian and Maritime fiction and a variety of teaching issues. In 2003 he has published a study of Maritime fiction entitled Setting in the East: Maritime Realist Fiction. Along with many other people at UNB Saint John, he has been engaged with numerous Teaching and Learning initiatives, including efforts to improve student persistence and engagement. In 2015 he was named as a 3M Teaching Fellow.

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