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The Art of Education in the Age of Globalization

Abu Kamara
Acadia University

Internationalization is usually defined as "the process of integrating international, intercultural, and global dimensions into the goals, primary functions and delivery of higher education at the institutional and national levels" (Knight, 2012, 2015). While this definition is useful for thinking about different aspects of international education such as administration, recruitment, teaching, learning, and transnational partnerships, it obscures the role "value priorities” (set of values which operate as an integrated system to influence behavior)  and cultural histories play in the development of internationalization norms. What are the foundational values of internationalization? How does value priority impact the development of internationalization norms?  Rather than providing definitive answers to these questions, this talk aims to encourage a critical discussion about the role of value priorities in the development of internationalization norms by suggesting that internationalization should be reimagined as a technique or art of education that draws guidance from culture and discipline specific values to produce individuals who think and behave in particular ways.  

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