Foundations for Student Success: High Impact Practices for a Diverse Mix of Students

Wallace Lockhart, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
University of Regina

These new students entering our university – they are such a diverse mix! What are we going to do with them?  We are a team of instructor/researchers who work closely in guiding our students through an introductory course, with a common objective of providing our students the foundations needed for success in university. In this session we will share our research results and stories about how we employ both the research and high impact practices to improve both the teaching journey and student outcomes.  We will also put participants through a structured controversy / experiential learning exercise as an example of how we employ experiential learning tools in our classes.   

Wallace Lockhart is an associate professor with the Paul J Hill School of Business, University of Regina.  After working in industry for 20 years he completed his PhD in health care performance management and entered the world of academia.  For the past seven years his teaching and research efforts have focused on new students entering university & overcoming the challenges of diversity and student academic preparedness.

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