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Writing Correction in the Linguistically Diverse Classroom

Jennifer MacDonald
Head Teacher, ESL Programs
College of Continuing Education

Classes in all departments at Dalhousie and King’s are increasingly diverse, with speakers of English as a first, second, or additional language learning side by side. How to approach the design and correction of writing assignments, research papers, and exam essays can be challenging when your class contains students at a range of English proficiency levels. How do we design assignments and exams to ensure fairness for all students? Should we be sticklers about the fine points of grammatical accuracy or overlook errors that don’t inhibit communication? How can we assure our correction practices best align with course goals? This workshop will include discussion, activities and sharing of research findings and best practices in the area of writing correction and multilingual writers.

Jennifer MacDonald is Head Teacher of ESL Programs at Dalhousie University. She regularly researches, writes, and presents on the topics of sociolinguistics and the teaching and learning of English in the university context. 

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