Trans Issues on Campus: Answering Your Questions

Due to popular demand, Dr. Baril will be offering a second workshop on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 from 1:00 to 2:00 pm.

Alexandre Baril, Ph.D. Women’s Studies

Department of Political Science

Dalhousie University

Trans people (including transsexual, transgender, genderqueer, bigender, gender fluid, agender, and two spirit people) represent about 0.5% of the Canadian population and therefore constitute a significant proportion of Canadians.

Although there is a growing visibility of trans people in society, the media and universities, as well as new laws and policies to protect their rights, trans people’s campus realities as students, employees, faculty members, and so on, do not necessarily reflect these social and legal transformations. In fact, barriers experienced in university classrooms and work environments include difficulty accessing gender-neutral bathrooms, obtaining transcripts and official documents under their preferred name, being referred to by their preferred pronouns, and being treated with respect in terms of their identity and privacy, are but a few of the alarming issues that must be addressed.

This workshop aims to give specific answers to your questions about trans issues and your current or potential interactions with trans people on campus, be it at the administrative level, in your classroom, or at events with colleagues in your department. Delivered by an activist and researcher specialized in trans studies who is also a trans man, this workshop is a safe space to discuss your concerns on this topic. Without predetermined content, this session will focus on your specific interests and questions in relation to trans issues.

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