The Millennial Teacher

Jill Marie McSweeney, PhD
Educational Developer (Graduate Students)

There is much discussion about what it means to teach millennials, but what happens when millennials begin to teach? Millennials are a generation that has grown up connected to media, being able to access information with a click of a button, and who focus on pursuing work-life balance. As millennials begin to transition into roles as educators (teaching assistants, instructors, faculty members) their roles in the classroom will change, and their unique personalities and perspectives are likely to shift approaches to teaching and learning, and the culture of higher education – but how? This discussion will look at the well-researched topic of millennials, and participants (both non-millennials and millennials) will work together, bringing their own experiences and understanding of that generation, to speculate on how millennials as teachers may change the landscape of teaching and learning in higher education.

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