Teaching, Modelling and Assessing People Skills in Undergraduate Courses

Jill Marie McSweeney, IDPhD Candidate
Graduate Teaching Associate
Centre for Learning and Teaching
Dalhousie University

Interpersonal communication includes skills we use daily to relate to each other. This broad set of skills includes being a good listener; not criticizing, condemning, or demeaning others; and trying to see situations and emotions from multiple points of view. While there is little doubt that these skills are important for employability and career success, as well as in personal relationships, they can be elusive in curriculum and be minimized as ‘people’ or ‘soft’ skills.  How can we meaningfully incorporate this skill set into our courses and programs to enable students to recognize the value of developing them?  How might we assess such skills?  And, as importantly, how do we as educators appropriately model these behaviours in our interactions with our students that we are trying to promote? How do our own actions influence who our students become?

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