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CANCELLED: Learner-centered assessment: Alternative ways to understand content mastery

Cancelled - to be rescheduled at a later date

Jill Marie McSweeney, IDPhD Candidate
Graduate Teaching Associate
Centre for Learning and Teaching
Dalhousie University

Mid-terms and finals are a cornerstone for students to assess and evaluate their learning and course progress. However, it is important to consider the value of alternative assessment practices, and how they may improve student learning and engagement with course content. This session will encourage participants to: reflect on and question their current assessment practices (e.g., what is helpful or might be interfering with student learning); consider the goal to assessment and how you know learning is occurring; and how the choice of assessment impacts student learning.

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This session will be available via videoconferencing for those located at the Truro Campus.  Session will take place in Haley Institute, Room 254.  If you are planning on attending from the Truro campus, please indicate so in the registration section.


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