Cancelled: Diversity in the Classroom: When Difficult Discussions are Required (for Faculty only)


Lisa DeLong, Human Rights & Equity Advisor
Dr. Suzanne Le-May Sheffield, Director, CLT
Jasmine Walsh, Director, Academic Staff Relations
Brad Wuetherick, Executive Director, CLT

Issues of race, gender, sexuality, age and religion can result in difficult conversations for teachers, whether you are dealing with these issues as part of the subject matter of your course, or because of our diverse student population.   How can we aim to ensure an inclusive learning environment? What are our responsibilities as teachers to ensure that issues that arise are dealt with in a timely, inclusive and responsive manner?   How can you resolve these issues in the classroom setting?  What additional resources are available on campus?
Academic Staff Relations, the Human Rights, Equity and Prevention Office and the Centre for Learning and Teaching have partnered to provide a case-study workshop to assist faculty in thinking about these issues.  The workshop will outline priorities and supports in building an inclusive and respectful learning environment, highlight our shared responsibilities pursuant to human rights legislation, and offer you the opportunity to explore ways of holding difficult discussions through case studies.

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Communications and Event Planning Officer
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