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Inspecting the Institution: Are we teaching to meet the goals of higher education?

Jill Marie McSweeney, IDPhD Student
Graduate Teaching Associate
Centre for Learning and Teaching

As teachers, what do we seek to instill in our students? Perhaps our goal is to foster practices in students that create an empathic, innovative, informed and ethical scholar. But does the current institutional culture of higher education inhibit our ability to do so? This discussion will focus on the goals and outcomes of higher education, and evaluate whether or not we are creating environments that encourage the skills, perspectives, and values in our graduates that we see as critical.

Pre-discussion group resources

  1. Dalhousie's mission statement

  2. What is the purpose of higher education?: A comparison of institutional and student perspectives on the goals and purposes of completing a bachelor's degree in the 21st century [PDF - 237 KB] 

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