Science and Technology: How to intellectually stimulate a new generation

Brendal Davis
Biology Department
Dalhousie University

Lunch and Learn

Just under a decade ago, it was safe to say that cell phones were used for emergency purposes, and paper maps for finding that next rest stop. Today, cell phones and other technological devices have replaced many of our face-to-face conversations, and sitting down for dinners seems to be a thing of the past. Technology has undoubtedly changed our day-to-day lives. Some would argue that technology has completely disconnected our society. In contrast, others would argue it has opened the door to large scale global learning and increased social networking.
Whether technology is good or bad, it is here.  Here, I discuss the connection between marine science and technology, and how online learning and the internet can be used to intellectually stimulate students, in times of persistent distraction.

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Killam Library, Room B400



Additional Information

CLT will continue to host a noon hour, Lunch & Learn series for faculty and administrative staff working in the online environment, starting Friday, October 18, 2013 and continuing on the third Friday monthly to May 16, 2013 (with the exception of December – see scheduled dates below).  

The purpose of the Lunch & Learn series is to give faculty and administrative staff an opportunity to come together in a sharing environment to learn about what others are doing and to hear about current research and best practices. This series could be for faculty and staff who are teaching online, using the online environment as a component of their campus courses, or interested in moving some of their content online.

These will be very informal sessions facilitated by Adrienne Sehatzadeh, Instructional Designer/Solutions Researcher, eLearning Team, CLT. The sessions will be fashioned, in part, from input/feedback from attending faculty and staff.

Would you like to know how your colleagues are working in the online environment? Would you like to share innovative ways you are using online tools? Are you curious about pedagogical approaches and best practices for the use of various tools in your online course? Come and join us to learn more.

All sessions will be held in the CLT classroom, Room 400, Basement, Killam Library (unless stated otherwise) from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm on the following dates:

Friday, May 16, 2014

We will break for the summer and resume the sessions Fall, 2014, based on your interest.


Michelle Soucy
Communications and Event Planning Officer
Tel: (902) 494-6641