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Curriculum Mapping: A Fresh, Fact-Based Approach to Curriculum Design

Christian Blouin, PhD
Faculty of Computer Science and
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Although curriculum mapping is not new, it is likely to be for most university-level instructors. The workshop presents an overview of curriculum mapping and describes the process in the Faculty  of Computer Science. The resulting software is called Daedalus and is now freely available. Daedalus is lightweight and designed to provide value to students, instructors and academic units. Strategies are discussed to initially build the map by collaborating with instructors with various levels of enthusiasm and commitment. Two test cases are used to illustrate the software implementation. In both cases, the anticipated "curriculum overhaul" was mired in philosophical issues, but turned out to require relatively benign changes in a few courses. Interestingly, these changes were defined mostly in one meeting.  Reference will be made to the student reactions to the use of student learning outcomes to deliver courses and prepare examinations.

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