Intercultural Competence: a Dynamic of Internationalization at Home (I@H)

Wayne Myles, Director
Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC)

The Centre for Learning and Teaching partnership with the International Centre invite Dalhousie students, staff and faculty to a workshop facilitated by Wayne Myles, Director of Queen’s University International Centre and one of Canada’s leading international educators.

This session will review the current state of internationalization through “Internationalization at Home (I@H)” programs. We will examine the implementation of intercultural training programs that can form a basis for the way we engage cultural difference and meet the needs of the various populations included in our learning communities – international students, study abroad students, students from diverse cultural and social backgrounds and domestic students in transition.  A key focus for this talk will be how to achieve an institutional ethos that accommodates the successful integration of diverse cultural and social points of view into the curricular and co-curricular learning environment.

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Killam Library, Room B400



Additional Information

Wayne Myles works at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario Canada. He was appointed Director of Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC) in 1982. Wayne is a graduate of Queen's University with a BA (Hon English/History), a Bachelor’s of Education, and an M.Pl. (Urban and Regional Planning). His work and study have taken him for extended periods to Japan, England, Zambia, and Indonesia. Wayne has developed a number of international education support services and programs at QUIC, including the Office of the International Student Advisor, the Education Abroad Program, a Resource Library, the Emergency Support Program for students working and studying abroad, and an International Housing Office. Since 1994, Wayne has researched and published in the area of risk management for international education activities. Wayne is author of the working papers Developing Co-curricular Volunteer Opportunities Abroad: Canadian and Southern African Partner Perspectives on the Benefits and Constraints of a Guided Learning Approach, Global Programs: Proposing an Option for Queen’s University (2013) and  co-author of Risk Sense, Developing and Managing International Education Activities with Risk in Mind (University of Guelph, 2009) with Lynne Mitchell of the Centre for International Programs, University of Guelph; co-author of Worth the Risk: Four Approaches to Safety in International Learning (CBIE, 2000) with Lynne Mitchell of the Centre for International Programs, University of Guelph; and co-author of Risk and Responsibility in Study Abroad: An Examination of Risk Assessment and Legal Responsibility in University and College Study Abroad Programs (CBIE, 1997) with Lynne Hanson of the Faculty of Law, Queen’s University. Based on this work, he has made presentations and conducted workshops at over 50 institutions in Canada and abroad.

Wayne has also taken the lead in the area of professional development for international educators by developing the International Educators Training Program (IETP) that includes in-service training programs, an 11-month international education internship program and a week-long annual summer institute. To inform the search for competence in the field of international education, Wayne wrote a working paper entitled, Training for International Educators in Canada: A Competency-Based Approach with Sherri Corrie, (International Centre, Queen’s University. 2008).


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