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Communication in the Learning Process

Communication is the foundation of a positive university experience. Beyond the obvious lecture and student-led seminar in the classroom, effective communication is crucial at all stages of a student-faculty relationship, inside and outside the classroom. Communication can break down in the student-faculty relationship in both directions and affect understanding, confidence, rapport, and, ultimately, academic performance of the student and the motivation of the faculty. Communication problems are common and may be related to fear of public speech, English-as-a-second-language (ESL) issues, mechanical issues of speech (i.e. speech disorders), and general social anxiety that can be intrinsic or contextual.

These problems often go unmentioned in course evaluations, by both students and faculty. They are difficult to address, and may be attributed to the person and/or scenario. A wealth of information on experiences and best practices is available to make this topic more accessible to understand and discuss.

This workshop directed toward academic instructors and teaching assistants, aims to start a conversation about these issues and help raise awareness, share experiences, discuss approaches, and transfer knowledge on resources and best practices. Camilo Ordóñez, IDPhD candidate and instructor at the School of Resource and Environmental Studies (SRES) at Dalhousie will lead the workshop, assisted by a panel of experts from the University.

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