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To help us provide the Dalhousie community with the highest standards of support and resources available for online and blended/hybrid courses, we want to hear about your experiences with the e-Learning Team.

Hear what people are saying about the e-Learning Team

I would like to express my utmost thanks to the eLearning Team at the Centre for Learning and Teaching for their support setting up a third year online course. I started the project with no previous experience teaching online courses or using BbLearn/OWL. The elearning Team put an incredible amount of effort into designing the course and helping me get started on this journey. We built an incredible framework to deliver what should be an excellent course to provide a great student learning experience. What could have been a stressful experience ended up being a wonderful learning opportunity.  Thank-you eLearning Team, and thank-you CLT.
~Jeff Wilson, PhD

Jill attended a workshop about blended learning offered through CLT in winter 2013. With the guidance of the CLT e-Learning team she successfully converted her course, CHE6049: An Introduction to Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis in Health Care, from a traditional in-class format to a 7-week blended model. This format was well-received by graduate students, "This course has been great. It is a very inclusive way of learning and teaching and definitely increases interaction between classmates and professor." (CHE6049 student, 2013)

This video documents Jill's observations throughout the conversion and delivery of the graduate course to a blended format. Jill can be contacted at jhayden@dal.ca.