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The Dr. Wayne Garland Award

Presented annually to a faculty or staff member for outstanding dedication and commitment to providing a quality pre-clinical education at Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Dentistry.

  • The DDS4 Class President will request a list of full- and part-time faculty and staff from Tammy Broussard (tammy.broussard@dal.ca) and circulate it amongst their classmates for consideration.  
  • Nominations should be solicited and submitted to the Class President and a vote should be held at a class meeting or via e-mail vote.
  • An attempt should be made to prevent multiple winners of an award in a given year. Ideally, recipients should not receive the same award more than once in a five-year period.
  • Results must be reported to Jon Bruhm (jbruhm@dal.ca) no later than April 1 of each calendar year. Results should be kept in strict confidence, as the presentations are supposed to be a surprise.
  • Jon Bruhm will attempt to ensure that the recipients will be in attendance at the graduation dinner and arrange for the plaques to be engraved and the certificates made for the recipients.
  • Once the recipients have been determined, the Class President must assign classmates to compose short presentations (max. one page each) explaining why the recipients were selected, which they will deliver at the graduation dinner. Sample citations are available from Jon Bruhm. The presenters are requested to provide Jon Bruhm with copies of their citations.



Bruce Friis


Mervyn Creighton


John Cox


Bruce Friis


Vern Shaffner


John Cox


Cynthia Andrews


Mervyn Creighton


George Zwicker


Wayne Garland