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Dalhousie Student Union Awards for Teaching Excellence

Award Winners


Paul Amyotte, Process Engineering & Applied Science
Robert Beiko, Computer Science
Matthew Numer, School of health and Human Performance


Claire Campbell, History
Lesley Choyce, English
Darrel Doman, Mechanical Engineering
Simon Gadbois, Psychology
Jen Gauthier, Biology
Shannon Johnson, Psychology
Jim Power, Business Administration


William Baldridge, Anatomy and Neurobiology
David Byers, Biochemistry
Aldo Chircop, Law
Terrance Galvin, Architecture and Planning
John Hill, Mineral and Resource Engineering
Nauzer Kalyaniwalla, Computer Science
Charlotte Loppie, Health and Human Performance
Corolan McLarney, Business Administration
Matthew Mitchell, Comparative Religion
Jennifer Stamp, Psychology
Bruce Wright, Oral and Maxillofacial Sciences


Christopher Bell, History
Jean Burnell, Chemistry
Ray Carroll, Business Administration
H. Wayne Garland, Dental Clinical Sciences
Robert Gilbert, Health Sciences
Elaine Craig, Law
Ernst Grundke, Computer Science
Richard Langely, Dermatology
Chris McMaster, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Frank Palermo, Architecture and Planning
Kevin Stanley, Engineering


Stephen Bearne, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Gail Boone, Health Services Administration
David Chen, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tasos Georgiades, Mechanical Engineering
Mike McAllister, Computer Science
Ian Mobbs, Anatomy and Neurobiology
Cynthia Neville, History
Julia Sagebien, Business Administration
Sheila Wildeman, Law