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Teaching Scholarship Grants

Call closed February 6, 2017

Call for Proposals


These grants are intended to encourage and support educators to develop new and innovative methods in teaching and learning through evidenced-based projects. The purpose of these grants is to:

  • Develop new teaching methods
  • Enhance the learning experience of students at Dalhousie University
  • Assess new courses and methods
  • Assist in transferring knowledge about teaching and learning throughout the university community
  • Develop interest in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Projects may focus on but are not exclusive to:

  1. Re-design of a course or program
  2. Development of a new course or program
  3. Development of new methods to teach an existing course
  4. Development of educational resources
  5. Assessment of impact on student learning
  6. Using technology to enhance student learning
  7. New Approaches to Assessment

Award Categories

Design and/or Development

Up to 3 grants to the amount of $5000 each

These grants are aimed at supporting the following:

  1. Development and/or implementation in the areas of:
    - A new course or teaching method
    - New teaching and learning resources
    - Curriculum or Program of Studies
    - Teaching technology
  2. Re-design of an existing course or program

Eligibility: Full-time Dalhousie faculty. To optimize the long-term sustainability of the project, non-academic staff and part-time or sessional faculty members may be co-applicants but each project team must include at least one full-time faculty member.

Assessment of Impact on Student Learning

Up to 6 grants to the amounts of $2500 each

These grants are aimed at supporting the assessment existing courses, programs, and teaching methods by examining the:

  • Assessment of impact on student learning from existing:
    - Teaching Method;
    - Course;
    - Program; or
    - Technology.

Eligibility: Full- and part-time Dalhousie faculty/instructors. Limited-term faculty must have at least one year remaining in their contract term.

Any questions or requests for assistance with the development of proposals may be directed to:

Suzanne Le-May Sheffield, Ph.D.
Centre for Learning and Teaching
Tel: (902) 494-1894 | Email: Suzanne.Sheffield@Dal.Ca