Teaching Assistants

Processes of SRI

SRI would not be possible without the participation of students. As such, as the TA, you are strongly advised to encourage student participation prior to and during the evaluation period.

The dates for when the evaluation period begin and end for most courses, are listed under the Important Dates link on the SRI website.

    Question Personalization (QP)

Question Personalization (QP) is the process whereby you have the opportunity to add specific questions to the evaluation form. The purpose of these questions is to gain more information from students for your professional development.

You will have access to personalize questions via Brightspace two weeks before the reports are released depending on your department. Contact your departmental liaison beforehand to see if you have access.

    Reports Availibility and Access

  • Your most recent SRI reports for a last-term course are typically available within two weeks after the instructors' submission of final grades for course for the given term. The specific dates are listed under Important Dates 
  • The reports can be accessed via embedded links in the 3 emails sent out to your dal.ca email account, alerting you of the availability of the reports.
  • Additionally, you can access them after receiving the email directly from Brightspace through the Ratings of Instructions tab

What can I do?

Some steps you can take to encourage student participation include CHARM:

  1. Communicate the value in making evaluations for you. i.e. The SRI helps to 
    • Improve your teaching methods
    • Improve your ability to document experiences for job applications and for your other pursuits
  2. Highlight how previous course evaluations have improved your teaching or how it has impacted you. This allows the students to realise that their feedback is taken seriously
  3. Accentuate to student that low response rates make it hard for you to properly weigh feedback, and thus encourage every student to make constructive evaluations
  4. Remind students that the evaluation would not affect their grades, and all evaluations are processed and sent to you anonymously
  5. Make announcements during tutorials, and/or lab sessions after consultation with the instructor to remind students.

Please be mindful that some students may wish to wait till the end of the evaluation period to complete their course evaluations. 

Accessing SRI Report

To access SRI Reports and tasks you will need to click on the Ratings of Instruction link in the Brightspace menu at the top of the screen.


As a TA, you will see 4 blocks in Ratings of Instruction

  1. Announcements
  2. SRI Tasks: for
    • Completing your own evaluations (if you are taking classes)
    • Entering personalized questions for courses that you TA to which you have access permissions from your department
    • Accessing final results at end of SRI period.

      Your past SRI reports also can be found here, and they will be available so long you have your Dalhousie NetID

  3. Student View of Instructor Ratings: You will have access to prior evaluation scores of courses where an instructor has given permission to share them. These courses may (or may not) have been taught by your instructor. You can look for your course of instructor through the search box.
  4. Resources for Students