Student SRI Directions

Accessing SRI Evaluations

Once you login into your Brightspace, you will see 4 sections at the top (figure 1):

Click into the Rating of Instruction tab. You will then see:

  1. Announcements
  2. SRI Tasks: This is where you can find links to complete your SRIs. 
  3. Student View of Instructor Ratings: You may have access to evaluation scores of courses where an instructor has given permission to share them. These courses may (or may not) have been taught by your instructor. You can look for your course of instructor through the search box.
  4. Resources for Students

Figure 1: Brightspace header

In-Class Instructions

Your instructor may initiate an in-class evaluation near the end of the course.


The information you give will be used to review the effectiveness of your instructor’s teaching.

  1. Your thoughtful ratings on the questions will be used to improve post-secondary education for you and for future students, and provide information on the teaching effectiveness at Dalhousie University. Additionally, the ratings willl be used in the faculty tenure, promotion decision-making processes, and for other personnel decisions. Your responses are confidential. Your instructor, the Chairperson or Director, Dean will be provided with a summary of the class responses but will not have access to individual responses to the multiple-choice questions. Your response will not affect your grade. The summary of responses will be given to the instructor only after the final grades have been submitted
  2. The instructions for completing the SRI is included on each form. Please read them carefully.
  3. Your written comments can be entered at the end of the form. After completing your comments, please indicate, as requested on the form, if you want them to be used for tenure, promotion, re-appointment, or other personnel decisions. Your instructor will NOT be able to identify you; the comments to which your instructor will have access will contain NO identifying information
  4. Important: you should not type any identifying information in the comments boxes. 
  5. A link to the “Guideline to students on providing constructive feedback” is available in emails sent from and on the resources section on Brightspace and on the SRI website at

Note: You are encouraged to read the document concerning providing constructive feedback before providing feedback.