In‑Class Student Directions

Instructions to Students: (to be read to the class by the Instructor)

  1. The information you give will be used to review the effectiveness of your instructor’s teaching.  Your thoughtful ratings on the questions will be used in the faculty tenure and promotion decision-making process, for other personnel decisions, and to provide information on teaching effectiveness at Dalhousie University. Your response is anonymous.  Your instructor, the Chairperson or Director, Dean, and members of personnel committees will be provided with a summary of the class responses but will not have access to individual responses.  Your response will not affect your grade.  The summary of responses will be given to the instructor only after the final grades have been submitted.
  2. The instructions for completing the electronic capture/online evaluations are contained on the form after you link onto the system.
  3. Your written comments can also be entered at the end of the form.  After completing your comments, please indicate, as requested on the form, if you want them to be used for tenure, promotion, re-appointment, or other personnel decisions.  Your instructor will NOT be able to identify you; the comments to which your instructor will have access will contain NO identifying information.
  4. Important: Please remind students that they should not type any identifying information in the comments box. They should indicate via the check box at the end of the comments section on the form if they wish to have their comments entered as “signed.”

Directions for Staff or Student Assistant:

  1. When the professor has left the room:
    • Ask students to access the Student Ratings of Instruction site via the email sent to them by the SRI system.
    • If they have already completed an evaluation online for this course prior to this class they do not have to complete the form again.
  2. Ask the students to work independently and to refrain from discussing their responses.
  3. Allow at least 15 minutes for students to complete the form.
  4. Remind students that if they do not complete the evaluation in class they may complete it online up until midnight of the last day of class.