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As part of our focus on improving the student experience at Dalhousie University, we are seeking your feedback on the courses in which you are currently registered.

As a student, you have the honour, the right, the power, and the responsibility to provide feedback to instructors and administrators. By completing your Student Ratings of Instructions, or SRI evaluations, you can help improve courses and teaching at Dalhousie. Your confidential feedback is important to us, the value of your degree, and the learning experiences of future students.


Dalhousie University invites you to fill out your forms constructively.

How do I fill out my forms constructively?


Why should I complete my course evaluations? Do they actually make a difference?

Yes! Your voice matters. We recognized that perhaps you are in class which have sizes up to hundreds of people and it would seem as if individual voices do not matter. But the matter of fact is that instructors and TAs and staff at Dalhousie University do go through the reports after they are released to see what you have to say. The more students who fill out course evaluations, the more seriously the feedback is taken by both instructors and administrators

Furthermore, your feedback is used by Dalhousie to:

  1. Help instructors improve their teaching via constructive criticism.
  2. Assist some of your TAs, whom you may have to opportunity to evaluate, improve their teaching as they begin their careers.
  3. Acts as reference for the promotion and tenure of instructors and staff – the results of the evaluations are placed in an instructors file and used when it is time to apply for promotions.
  4. Provide evidence of teaching accomplishments for Teaching Awards to TAs and instructors that university offers.
  5. Develop better, perhaps new, educational Programs and Courses throughout the university.

Figure 1: Student rating example of Professor B

When do I do the SRI Evaluations?

You may complete the evaluations anytime in the last two weeks of class once access to the site is provided.

An email will be sent through the Dalhousie email system containing a link to the BLUE system via Brightspace on the first date of access to BLUE. After the initial invitation, up to 3 reminders will be sent to non-respondents.

Please refer to the important dates on the SRI page for details.

How do I complete the SRI?

To complete your SRIs you can click in the emails you receive for your courses.

You can also access them via Brightspace through the Ratings of Instruction link in the menu at the top of the screen.

We invite you to be constructive and visit our instructions page for details!

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Do you know?

  • Your course evaluation responses are completely anonymous. The results become available to instructors and academic unit heads only after final grades have been submitted.
  • You can complete your course evaluations on a computer, tablet or mobile device.