To complete your SRIs you can click in the emails you receive for your courses.

You can also access them via Brightspace through the Ratings of Instruction link in the menu at the top of the screen.

Students will see 4 sections:

  1. Announcements
  2. SRI Tasks: This is where you can find links to complete your SRIs.
  3. Student View of Instructor Ratings: You will have access to prior evaluation scores of courses where an instructor has given permission to share them. These courses may (or may not) have been taught by your instructor. You can look for your course of instructor through the search box.
  4. Resources for Students

The Student Ratings of Instruction are used for various reasons within the university. These include:

  1. Promotion and Tenure – the results of the evaluations are placed in an instructors file and used when it is time to apply for promotions and other personnel decisions.
  2. Teaching Awards – the university offers several awards for teaching both within and outside the faculty/department. In most cases, the awards process requires that instructors provide evidence of teaching accomplishments to be included with their application.
  3. Program and Course development – The results of the SRI are used in the development of various courses and programs throughout the university.

Form Fill-out

Students may complete the evaluations anytime in the last two weeks of class once access to the site is provided. Students may be asked by the instructor to complete the forms in class or they may access the site at any time during the access period to complete the forms on their own time. An email will be sent through the Dalhousie email system containing a link to the BLUE system on the first date of access to BLUE. After the initial invitation, up to 3 reminders will be sent to non-respondents.


The new electronic form contains space for students to write their comments.  Once the comments are written students may choose, by indicating in a checkbox, to enter them as signed comments.
NOTE: Please do not write any identifying information in the text boxes as these comments are not reviewed before read by your instructor.

Signed Comments

  • Can be used for Promotion and Tenure, and other personnel decisions.
  • Will be provided to the Instructor and the Department Head
  • Will not include any identifying information
  • Will be separated from unsigned comments electronically


  • Will be provided to the instructor only
  • Cannot be used for promotion and tenure or other personnel decisions

Below you will see an example of a Student View of Instructor Rating: