Instructional video on accessing the SRI system for instructors

To access SRI Reports and tasks you will need to click on the Ratings of Instruction Link in the Brightspace menu at the top of the screen.

Instructors will see 3 blocks in the SRI tab.

  1. Task Block (for entering personalized questions)
  2. Response Progress (will show ongoing response rates for active evaluations)
  3. Report Block (This is where you can get access to your SRI Reports)

Question Personalization (QP)

Question Personalization (QP) is the process whereby departments and instructors have the opportunity to add specific questions to the evaluation form. The purpose of these questions would be to gain more information from students to facilitate course or program development.  Access is provided to instructors, department designates (liaisons) and/or department heads for QP the week before the site is available to students.

Completion of forms

Each instructor may provide a time during class, as early as possible, after the site is opened for students to complete these evaluations.  The in-class instructions for the completion of the evaluation forms in-class will be sent via email and are also available through each department liaison.

Increasing Response Rates

One method of increasing response rates is to provide an opportunity for students to complete the course evaluations in-class. Instructors can facilitate this process, as they did the paper format, by allowing students approximately 15 minutes in class to access the site to complete the forms. It is suggested to allow this time at the beginning of class not at the end. Students can access the site, through the email link sent by the SRI system to their Dalhousie email account or through Brightspace via any mobile computing device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.). Note: SRI cannot be accessed via the Brightspace mobile app. 

Advising the class ahead of time when the evaluation will take place, may ensure that they have an electronic device to complete the evaluations.

The literature shows that if students are more informed about the importance of the evaluations for the university and instructors and how the results are used, then they are more likely to complete the forms.


The Reports are generated directly from BLUE and individuals will receive emails with a direct link to the reports. The report sections will be sent out as follows:   

  • Instructors (3 emails) – Part A, B, C and D (unsigned and signed comments)
  • Department Heads/Chairs/Directors (3 emails) – Part A and B and Part D (signed comments only) plus one report for department averages
  • Deans (2 emails) – Part A and one report for departmental averages