About SRI

Higher education institutions in Canada and abroad encourage faculty to use teaching evaluations to rate their teaching effectiveness. The evaluation of teaching effectiveness can take many different forms, including surveys and questionnaires to rate teaching performance, or course suitability and program relevance.

Results from the evaluations are used for a wide range of purposes. For example, they provide data and guidelines for:

  1. Evaluation of teaching effectiveness.
  2. Promotion and tenure applications for instructors, and other personnel decisions.
  3. Quality assurance processes in the review and restructure of institutional, faculty, department and program goals.
  4. Preparation of supporting evidence for teaching awards and grants.
  5. Enhancement of Dalhousie University teaching and learning profile regionally and nationally.

An essential component

Student Ratings of Instruction are an important part of assessing the quality of education an institution provides. At Dalhousie University, SRIs are recognized as an essential component of a formal institutional evaluation strategy that includes evidence from students (both SRI results as well as direct evidence of students' achievement of learning outcomes), self-reflection, and peer evaluation of teaching (including the peer review of teaching materials as well as possibly a peer observation of teaching), usually presented in the form of a comprehensive teaching dossier.    

More informal strategies for evaluating teaching or identifying ways in which courses and programs may be enhanced include peer consultation and in-class student feedback. Recommended resources provides information on: assessing teaching effectiveness and how to use the results to enhance learning and teaching; course or program design; and, summative and formative evaluation of teaching and learning.

Contact us

We also invite you to contact us (dalsri@dal.ca) if you have questions about the SRI process and the SRI educational development perspectives. We look forward to working with you and in facilitating the SRI system to optimize teaching and learning at Dalhousie.