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What are the Student Rating of Instructions evaluations?

At Dalhousie University, the Student Rating of Instructions, or the SRI, is the online end-of-course evaluation system. The evaluation takes in the form of questionnaires to rate teaching performance, course suitability and program relevance. Students have the opportunity to provide written comments and numerical ratings at the end of each course.

Results from the evaluations are used for a wide range of purposes. For example, they provide data and guidelines for:

  1. Evaluation of teaching effectiveness.
  2. Promotion and tenure applications for instructors, and other personnel decisions.
  3. Quality assurance processes in the review and restructure of institutional, faculty, department and program goals.
  4. Preparation of supporting evidence for teaching awards and grants.
  5. Enhancement of Dalhousie University teaching and learning profile regionally and nationally.

The SRI system is a key to Dalhousie’s ongoing work to provide students with enriching learning experiences. Student involvement in this process is critical to enhance the general quality of teaching and learning and all students are strongly encouraged to participate.

Provide Constructive Feedback

Guidelines for students are available on how to provide constructive and respectful feedback.

Customize your Questionaires

Instructors may add up to three (3) questions to their course evaluation questionnaire.


Contact us

We also invite you to contact us ( if you have questions about the SRI process and the SRI educational development perspectives. We look forward to working with you and in facilitating the SRI system to optimize teaching and learning at Dalhousie.