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Maritime Security Workshop Series

The purpose of this workshop series is to bring together invited representatives from Canadian and international industries, academia and the federal and provincial governments, including the Royal Canadian Navy and international navies as appropriate for each event. They will present for the purpose to identify, discuss and share their perspectives on the potential challenges and issues concerning the multitude of issues surrounding the National Shipbuilding procurement Strategy (NSPS) including by not limited to the current progress and the challenges, the human capital dimension, and Arctic maritime operations.

To this end please follow the links below to explore the results of our most recent workshops:

June 2014: National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy - Charting the Course

November 2014: Human Capital and the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy

June 2015: The Arctic-Offshore Patrol Ship and its Future Operation in the Canadian North

February 2016: Reality Check: The NSPS Five Years On