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Our research activities and events are organized thematically around three pillars: Global Challenges, Canadian and Comparative Foreign Policy, and Maritime Security Policy.

Global Challenges

The Global Challenges pillar represents a broadening of our research and teaching focus, building on the Centre’s established strengths in defence and security policy. This pillar has three main thematic clusters: Security, Peace, and Human Rights; Development and Environment; and Regions and Regionalism. Within these clusters, Centre fellows explore issues such as conflict resolution and peace-building, humanitarian intervention, and development and security, with particular attention to Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Our Global Challenges pillar is the institutional home for the Romeo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative. We are also an institutional partner to the Dalhousie-based Network Centres of Excellence – Knowledge Mobilization grant on “Children and Youth in Challenging Contexts.” Read more

Canadian and Comparative Foreign Policy

The Centre for Foreign Policy Studies was originally founded as a community of scholars working to understand the sources and mechanisms of foreign policy-making, with an emphasis on institutions and culture, and focusing mainly on Canada and the United States. Today’s CFPS fellows carry on that tradition with path-breaking scholarship and public engagement. Our focus remains on Canada and the US, but Centre fellows have also undertaken important research on foreign policy-making in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and East Asia. Our expertise and activities within this pillar can be further categorized into four main clusters: Canada and the world; foreign and defence policy-making; Canada-US relations; and homeland security. Read more

Maritime Security

The Centre has a longstanding interest in oceans policy and maritime security and defence issues, and CFPS fellows affiliated with the Maritime Security pillar (MSP) have made important contributions to research, teaching and policy-making in these fields. Today, the MSP’s areas of focus include The Future of Maritime Security: Concepts and Problems; Regional Maritime Security Project; the North Atlantic; the Arctic; and Technology, People and Future Capabilities, which includes a strong interest in the Canadian government’s National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy. CFPS edits and publishes a professional journal on maritime security, Canadian Naval Review, hosts an online discussion forum, Broadsides, and organizes conferences and events on maritime security over the course of the year. Read more