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"Our goal is to provide a space with the resources and knowledge for anyone to repair their bike and keep riding."

We have the tools and parts to help you maintain your bicycle and our volunteers can help walk you through the process of fixing major problems to minor issues. Drop by today. Be sure to check out the Open Hours to make sure we are open.

Below are the 2 biggest oppotunities to learn about bikes. Read on!


One of the best ways to learn about bikes is by volunteering at the Dal Bike Center. We look for volunteers with a wide range of experience with bicycles. If you'd like to volunteer please fill out this short form. Volunteers are our lifeblood. Thanks in advance.

Take one of our Safety or Repair Classes 

Cost: FREE

All classes are held at the Dal Bike Centre. Please contact Scott MacPhee for more information.

Class #1 - How to change a flat and what to look for on a damaged wheel. Also, brake adjustment and what to look for.   
Class #2 - Derailleur/shifting adjustments and how to determine wear on your parts.
Class #3 - An over view of the state of your bike and general knowledge on how to determine what love to give to your bike.

If you are interested in the class please email Scott at bikectr@dal.ca

Classes will start up in September!