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About Us

Our goal is to provide a space with the resources and knowledge for anyone to repair their bike and keep riding."

Our Mission

We want to establish Dalhousie University as a community leader in active and sustainable modes of transportation. We will accomplish this by offering a safe space for Dalhousie community members to gain valuable education in cycling. People should not be afraid to ride their bikes to campus. In fact it should be seen as a preferred mode of transportation. Our vision is to make Dalhousie into a green, and bike friendly campus.

The Dal Bike Centre is a pilot project that began with funding from Clean Nova Scotia, Dalhousie Athletics Department and the University Office of Sustainability. We offer a space to learn about your bicycle and how to ride it safely and comfortably around Halifax.

The Dal Bike Centre is

  • An environment to learn about your bicycle.
  • A place where help is available in maintaining or fixing your bicycle.
  • A place with tools to assist you in repairing your bicycle.
  • A space to chat about Halifax and bicycles.

The Dal Bike Centre is not

  • A bicycle shop offering drop off service.
  • A bicycle shop offering parts and appeal for sale.
  • A bicycle shop offering bicycles for sale.
  • A bicycle storage facility.

Take a look at a recent report on Design Alternatives for the Dal Bike Centre [PDF - 2.1 MB]