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Academic Innovation Funding




Faculty members and academic leaders may apply. Students and staff members may apply in partnership with one or both of the above groups.


Applications will be assessed based on the specific criteria listed in each form. The funding selection committee is comprised of a subgroup of the Associate Deans' Academic Council (ADAC). Please note that the evaluation rubric used by the selection committee will be posted on this site in April.

General selection criteria include the following:

1. Number of students impacted 
2. Fit with selected strategic priorities
3. Fit with Faculty's academic program  plans
4. Evaluation framework and knowledge mobilization plan
5. Budget justification


Download and complete the relevant Academic Innovation application form. Once completed, forward the form to your Dean. The Dean's Office will submit the completed form and attachments to aif@dal.ca

Why does the Dean submit my application?
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The Dean’s sign off is required for each application in support of integrated program planning. 

Please note: If several applications are submitted from a single Faculty, the Dean will be asked to rank them.