Committed to continuous development

Dalhousie has an enviable reputation for excellence in teaching. We also have superb examples of interdisciplinary programming that are rigorous, collaborative and popular with students. Academic Innovation Funding is available to build on these strengths by fostering a robust culture of academic innovation and development.

What does academic innovation mean at Dalhousie?

At Dalhousie, academic innovation includes the following:

  • collaborating and experimenting with our colleagues and students
  • taking risks by trying new methods, applying well-established methods to new circumstances, or designing new classes that cross traditional disciplinary or bureaucratic boundaries
  • acknowledging disruptions, technological and otherwise
  • wise development in curricular design and teaching methods
  • evaluating how current classes and methods are working and assessing new methods or classes
  • having academic fun

Why is academic innovation important at Dalhousie?

Academic innovation, like planning, development and evolution, matters at Dalhousie for several reasons. A key component is our commitment to the continuous development of programs and classes, how they are designed, and how we deliver them.

Many Dalhousie colleagues have tremendous ideas for developing and enhancing courses and programs. We’re confident that a culture that fosters academic innovation will help continue our enviable record of attracting and retaining excellent students, faculty and staff.