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World's Challenge Challenge

Compete in the upcoming World’s Challenge Challenge 2017-2018

Students, are you interested in coming up with ideas that could have a real impact on real communities?

Have you thought about what innovation looks like in a social context?

Do you already have a unique solution for a global issue?

The Opportunity

Dalhousie has partnered with Western University in inviting students to participate in the World’s Challenge Challenge 2017-2018.  Teams of three students must choose a global issue and design a unique solution that relates to one or more of the Global goals. Selected teams will then present their solutions to a panel of Dalhousie academic leaders who will judge team presentations and ideas based on an established scoring rubric.  The top team from Dalhousie will win $3,000 and a trip to London, Ontario in June 2018, to compete in the international finals. 

Travel and accommodations for the top-team members will be provided, and they will have an opportunity to network with some of the best and brightest students from around the world.  Additional academic and networking events will be planned around the internal Challenge so that students can participate in further discussions around global issues.

Who can participate?

At Dalhousie, this competition is open to all students:  undergraduate and graduate, from any faculty, full and part-time.  We encourage teams to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds or areas of study, making sure that at least two disciplines are represented.  Only teams of three students are accepted to the competition. 

How does it work

Students submit team registrations with a synopsis of their chosen issue or problem, and how they propose to address it.  Once all registrations are reviewed, selected teams are notified and are given approximately 5 weeks to prepare a 5-minute presentation to “pitch” their solution at the semi-final round.  From the semi-finals, the top three teams will be selected to move on to the final round. The winning team from Dalhousie goes on to the International finals at Western University as described above.


When preparing for your presentation, please consider the following requirements:

1. Clearly identify the global issue that your team is addressing. We encourage student teams to consider the Global Goals* as part of their presentation.

2.Reflect upon the role that your own country or Western countries may have in the existence and/or perpetuation of the global issue.

3. Reflect upon the role that you, as individuals and local communities, in the existence and/or perpetuation of the global issue.

4. Present an idea to help address the global issue, using logical and convincing arguments, and including the way local and global communities can collaborate to develop joint solutions.

5. Solutions should include realistic plans for implementation, with some consideration for budget, logistics and possible partners.

6. Provide as many statistics and supporting research as possible to both the World’s Challenge and your solution.

7. Polish your presentation to make it organized, visual and engaging. 

8. Ensure that your presentation meets any technical guidelines of your internal competition.  Technical requirements for the International Finals will be provided to all finalists.