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UPDATE: Clarification on COVID‑19 testing for students entering Nova Scotia from outside Atlantic Canada

Posted by Ivan Joseph, Vice-Provost Student Affairs, and Verity Turpin, Assistant Vice-Provost Student Affairs on August 21, 2020 in News

Updated August 24: This message has been updated to reflect that these provincial rules apply to students arriving in Nova Scotia on or after August 21.

To:                         Dalhousie students

From:                    Ivan Joseph, Vice-Provost Student Affairs
                               Verity Turpin, Assistant Vice-Provost Student Affairs

Date:                     Friday, August 21, 2020

Re:                        UPDATE: Clarification on COVID-19 testing for students entering Nova Scotia from outside Atlantic Canada

There has been some confusion caused by the new COVID-19 safety measures announced yesterday by the Government of Nova Scotia, particularly among students already in Nova Scotia and currently self-isolating. We have worked with the government to answer some of your questions and hopefully provide more clarity.

The procedures below apply only to students travelling to Nova Scotia from outside Atlantic Canada.

If you are already in Nova Scotia and began your self-isolation off-campus prior to August 21:

You do NOT need to fill out the Nova Scotia Safe Check-In or complete three COVID tests. The province has clarified that it is focusing on following up with students already self-isolating in residence only. Complete your 14-day self-isolation period as you originally planned.

If you are planning to arrive in Nova Scotia on or after August 21 from outside Atlantic Canada:

All students who fit this criteria (including those under 18), regardless of whether you are living off-campus or in residence, are required to complete the steps outlined in yesterday’s update:

  1. Complete the Nova Scotia Safe Check-In
  2. Self-isolate for 14 days
  3. Complete three COVID-19 tests during your self-isolation period. Based on your submission through the Nova Scotia Safe Check-in form, Nova Scotia Health will contact you with details on your testing dates at a location which is close to where you are self-isolating. They will also help you work through any transportation issues. If you have any issues with your scheduling due to an academic conflict, we can help — contact us at covid19@dal.ca.

If you were planning to self-isolate in a Nova Scotia community other than Halifax/Truro:

When completing the Nova Scotia Safe Check-In, provide the address at which you will be self-isolating. Nova Scotia Health will set up your three appointments at the closest available testing site. If you have issues accessing the testing site, let Nova Scotia Health know and they can provide transportation assistance.

If you are self-isolating in another Atlantic Canadian province (New Brunswick, PEI or Newfoundland and Labrador):

Complete your self-isolation period as normal. When arriving at the Nova Scotia border, you will be asked to confirm you have self-isolated in Atlantic Canada for the previous 14 days and will be allowed to enter Nova Scotia. You will not need to complete additional COVID testing.

We encourage all students to review the Government of Nova Scotia’s Post-Secondary Fact Sheet [PDF], which contains answers to many other questions, including about cost (the tests are free), traveling to your appointments, and more.

For more on what you need to know about arriving in Nova Scotia, visit Dalhousie’s Arriving in Nova Scotia page.

We know these new procedures have come as a surprise to everyone, and we appreciate your patience as we work through them together. They are an important part of making sure our Dal communities, and the communities we live and study in, stay safe and healthy.  Please reach out at COVID19@dal.ca if you can’t find the answers to your questions — we’re here to help.


Ivan Joseph
Vice-Provost Student Affairs

Verity Turpin
Assistant Vice-Provost Student Affairs