University travel

Updated August 11

University-funded travel is authorized to resume at this time.

Any faculty and staff who plan to travel outside of Canada should consult with Human Resources, below. Canadian and foreign governments have implemented strict travel restrictions, and movement restrictions often occur without warning. The Public Health Agency of Canada’s travel health notices outline current Canadian border restrictions.  See:

International travel must occur in accordance with Dalhousie’s International Travel Policy:  In particular, travelers are required to register their travel with International SOS and with ROCA (Registration of Canadians Abroad) and should prepare a robust risk assessment and safety plan in advance of their travel. Faculty and staff are also required to notify their Dean of all international travel and provide confirmation that they hold appropriate travel health insurance with coverage for COVID-19 expenses.

Dalhousie will not cover any COVID-19 expenses related to international travel.  Proof of travel health insurance (which also covers COVID-19 expenses) is required under the International Travel Policy. Dalhousie’s travel health insurers, SSQ and Medavie Blue Cross, do cover COVID-19 expenses.