Return to campus

Based on conversations with Faculty and admin unit leaders about their return plans, most departments and units expect to increase their on-campus presence through the late summer and into the fall. Many are also planning to use the fall as a pilot period to take the opportunity to try out new ways of working using hybrid models of physical attendance on campus.

Our current expectation is that Faculties and units will be able to safely return to relatively normal on-campus operations in coming weeks, as befits their individual return plans and aligned with individual Faculty/unit priorities including service excellence and employee experience.

To that end, we have concluded our Return-to-Campus approval process and transitioned management of the return process to individual Faculty and admin unit leads. Leaders will be responsible for aligning their activities with the latest Public Health guidance and will not be required to submit their return plans to the Return to Campus committee for approval. Individual Faculty or admin unit leaders are responsible for communicating details of their return plans to their faculty and staff.

Resources and more information on returning to campus

Please visit our internal Return to Campus Information page (login required) to access resources for faculty, staff, unit leaders and researchers.