Campus services

With safety as our paramount concern, Dalhousie has undertaken a gradual, phased approach to returning to campus operations for a portion of its community. While many of the university’s services and supports continue to be offered primarily online, others have gradually returned to in-person operations with new preventative measures in place to ensure the continued health and safety of the community.

Note, many campus buildings and offices are still restricting access, except for faculty/staff with electronic access control cards.

What if I require access to a building that has been locked due to COVID-19 security protocols?

While Dalhousie remains operational, we have moved to a virtual operational environment. Consequently, campus buildings, offices and services have suspended in-person operations, and are restricting access except for faculty/staff with electronic access control cards.


Events & Gatherings

We appreciate that many in our Dalhousie community are hoping to host events, social activities and gatherings this winter. However, we also know that many outbreaks of COVID-19 have been linked to single events, gatherings, or community celebrations. All events, whether they are meetings, social events, or other types of gatherings, carry increased risk of transmitting the virus. We all have a part to play in preventing this from happening at Dalhousie.

“Events” refers to all meetings, events, and gatherings not part of an approved Return to Campus Plan. Note that events organized by DSU student societies need to be submitted to the DSU.

The event procedures below have been reviewed and approved by Dalhousie's Return to Campus (RTC) Committee. They are subject to change based on public health guidance and Dalhousie protocols.

Event approval process: RTC Process for Event Approvals (PDF)
Prior to submitting an event, please review the guidance below.

Guidelines to consider when submitting an event request

  • All aspects of events (travel to, attendance at, and travel from) must, at a minimum, abide by legislated gathering limits in Nova Scotia or, in the case of events at Dalhousie Medicine NB, in New Brunswick. The latest information on gathering limits in Nova Scotia can be found here and for New Brunswick can be found here.
  • Consider social distancing and other public health directives in all aspects of events, including travel to, attendance at, and travel from the event.
  • The safest events are built around an established contacts bubble — people who are already in close contact with one another on a regular basis. This could be students in the same residence, employees who share a lab or physical workspace, or classmates in the same in-person course.
  • Hold events outside whenever possible. Colder weather is coming, but the risk of COVID-19 transmission is significantly higher indoors. We should all be expecting to bundle up and conduct more of our social activities outdoors this winter.
  • If you must hold your event indoors, significant precautions are required. These include, but are not limited to:
    • Ensuring guests have enough space to practice physical distancing.
    • Ensuring all guests wear masks or face coverings and provide masks for those who do not have them.
    • Making sure guests have access to soap and water or hand sanitizer and encourage regular handwashing
    • Cleaning common surfaces such as doorknobs, handles and table tops frequently during the event or gathering.
    • Ensuring guests who are sick know that they are expected to stay home and not attend.
  • Avoid providing shared food (platters, dips, trays). Single-serve or direct-service food avoids risk of cross-contamination.

On-campus events

Indoor events

At this time, we are discouraging on-campus, indoor events and gatherings. Requests to hold necessary on-campus indoor events must be made through the event approval process, with clear rationale provided as to how the activity connects with Dal’s core mission and why the event needs to occur on-campus and in-person. Written confirmation from the administrative head (Dean for faculties, unit head for non-academic units) is also required.

Outdoor events

These will continue to be considered through the event approval process, subject to appropriate restrictions in keeping with Dalhousie protocols and Public Health guidance.

Off-campus events

Off-campus indoor events are discouraged at this time. Virtual events are preferred wherever possible.

Any off-campus activity must, at a minimum, abide by Public Health requirements and legislated gathering limits as prescribed by the respective provincial government (Nova Scotia or New Brunswick, depending on where the activity takes place). This applies to travel to, attendance at and travel from the activity. Please refer to Nova Scotia’s protocols for gathering limits.

RTC does not anticipate providing approval for off-campus gatherings. RTC will not be making specific decisions about whether a proposed off-campus event meets provincial gathering criteria, including providing further guidance on what is a "close social group," "consistent group," or "random or spontaneous groups." Judgments about whether off-campus events are compliant with these specific protocols will remain the responsibility of the organizers. Where organizers are considering an off-campus event or gathering where there is expected to be more than 10 people in attendance, these must be brought to RTC for approval.

Team building activities

Alcohol service

There is currently no alcohol service permitted on campus.

DSU & student events

Events being organized by Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) student societies need to be submitted to the DSU.


General services

Athletics & Recreation

Dalplex is currently open for appointments. Sexton Gym will remain closed, but its members are able to continue to use Dalplex for now.

Appointments are required and bookable up to 72 hours in advance.

  • Locker rooms are open with a limited number of day-use lockers available.
  • Showers and saunas remain closed.
  • Pool use is still limited to one person per lane.
  • Members may play in groups of up to four (4) per badminton court and two (2) per basketball court.

For more details on our athletic facilities, please visit Athletics and Recreation.

What is the status of Tigers and Rams sports for fall 2020?


The varsity Tigers compete in the Atlantic University Sport (AUS) conference as members of U SPORTS Canada. The fall 2020 U SPORTS championships have been cancelled and competition in the AUS has been suspended until January 2021.

For more information: 


The Rams compete as members of the Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association (ACAA) within the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA). The ACAA has cancelled its first semester sports schedule. The CCAA has yet to make an announcement regarding fall championships.

For more information: 

What is the status of membership fees?

All community member payments will be suspended for the month of January. Automatic monthly payment withdraws will recommence on February 1, 2021. Those who paid for their memberships with a lump sum will have their memberships extended by 21 days.

Please contact the Dalplex customer service desk if you have more specific questions about your membership.


Please visit the Bookstore website for the most up to date information on the status of the Bookstore.

Food Services

Dalhousie Food Services locations (other than approved dining halls) have suspended in-person services at this time.  

Dining halls that will be open for Winter Term 2021 include:

  • Shirreff Hall – for residents of Shirreff Hall only
  • Howe Hall – for residents of all other Halifax properties, including Risley Hall, LeMarchant Place, Glengary Apartments, and Grad House.
  • In Truro, Jenkins Hall will be open to serve residents. More details on their operation will be coming soon.

Risley Dining Hall and O’Brien Hall will be closed for Winter Term 2021.

Please see the Food & Dining page for more details.

DalCard & UPass


We are now booking appointments for in-person service. 

Book your appointment online

The services provided via appointments are:

  • New DalCards
  • DalCard replacements (To expedite the replacement process, please ensure you have $15 deposited on your account for the replacement fee prior to visiting the office.)
  • DalCard troubleshooting
  • UPass pickup and replacement ($15 replacement fee, please deposit this on your account prior to the appointment.)

NOTE: We will not be offering photo services, PIN resets, or fund deposits.

The Enrolment Services Centres on Sexton Campus and the Agricultural Campus remain remote at this time. If you require DalCard assistance and you are on the Sexton campus, please see the DalCard office on the Studley Campus.

Human Resources

For employee information and questions related to employment, please log in to your MyDal page, or visit the employee Remote Working site.

International Centre

In-person services have been temporarily suspended, but the Centre is still available remotely. To get in touch with the International Centre, please call 902-494-1566 or visit the International Centre website.


Dalhousie Libraries locations in Halifax (Killam, Dunn, Kellogg and Sexton Libraries), the Wallace McCain and Kellogg Library Learning Commons in Halifax, and the MacRae Library in Truro will remain closed to general public access as they have been since last March. Limited bookable study space will continue to be available for Dalhousie students, faculty and staff by appointment, with continued safety protocols in place including contact tracing ability. Curbside pickup service and laptop loans are also available.

Physiotherapy Clinic

The Dalhousie Physiotherapy Clinic within Dalplex is currently open for appointments. Please contact or call 902-494-1502 for booking inquiries.

Registrar's Office

In-person services are temporarily suspended, but the office remains open to serve students remotely by phone (1-866-729-4400 or 902-494-2450) and email

For graduate student information, please contact


For more information on research at Dalhousie, the status of labs, or resources for researchers, please consult the Research website.

Student Health & Wellness

The Student Health & Wellness Centre in Halifax is open. In-person and telephone appointments with counsellors, physicians, nurses and the social worker are available for students and community patients. Book your appointment online or call 902-494-2171 to speak with a healthcare professional. 

Health Services in Truro is open, and appointments are available for students. Please consult the website for more information. To make an appointment, please contact or

Many online and mobile resources are also available to support students from home. For more information please visit the Student Health & Wellness website.


Student services

Career Services

In-person career services and advising have been temporarily suspended at the Bissett Student Success Centre (Halifax) and Student Success Centre (Truro). If you would like your resume/cover letter reviewed, please send them to For career advising, please call 902-494-3077 or email

Student Accessibility Centre

In-person services at the Student Accessibility Centre have been temporarily suspended. If you would like to contact an advisor remotely, please call 902-494-2836 or email (Halifax) or (Truro).

Student Accounts

In-person services are temporarily suspended, but representatives are available by phone Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Atlantic), 1-902-494-3998 or email

Writing Centre

In-person services have been temporarily suspended. If you would like to contact an advisor and submit a paper for review remotely, please email (Halifax) or