Information Technology

Play by the rules when you use Dal equipment

As members of Dalhousie University, we have access to various information technology services and supports. With this access everyone at Dal must abide by the Dalhousie University Acceptable Use Policy, which outlines the appropriate use of Information Technology Resources owned, leased, controlled and/or operated by the university.

Examples of unacceptable uses of IT Resources include:

  • using another person’s User Account, or misrepresenting themselves as another User
  • disclosing passwords or other access codes assigned to themselves or others
  • interfering with the normal operation of IT Resources by, among other things, unauthorized network interception, network traffic, flooding the network with messages, sending chain letters or pyramid solicitations
  • copying, removing or distributing proprietary software and/or data without authorization
  • breaching terms and conditions of software licensing agreements
  • accessing, displaying, transmitting, or otherwise making available information that is discriminatory, obscene, abusive, derogatory, harassing or otherwise objectionable in a university setting
  • destroying, misplacing, misfiling, or rendering inoperable any stored information on a university-administered computer or other information storage, processing or retrieval system
  • unauthorized use of IT Resources for profit or commercial gain
  • attempting to or circumventing security facilities on any system or network

View the Acceptable Use Policy.