Suggestions for New Members

It's your right not to be hazed

As a Dalhousie student, you have the opportunity to join Dalhousie’s student teams, clubs, societies and organizations. Positive, welcoming traditions help you become part of a group. It’s your right to be welcomed and join in Dalhousie activities without being subjected to hazing.

Hazing can have serious, long-lasting effects on physical and emotional health. It’s important that you know how to identify hazing, understand the risks, learn how to protect yourself, and have confidence that you can help stop hazing.

If you think an activity constitutes hazing, you can:

Confront hazing

  • Raise your concerns with someone in the group you trust. See if they will join you in approaching the activity leader to talk about your concerns.
  • Try to convince the leader that the consequences are not worth it. The university takes hazing very seriously. Hazing incidents can result in charges under the Code of Student Conduct and suspension of the group.

Suggest positive traditions

  • Indicate your discomfort and instead suggest doing activities that emphasize friendship and mentoring.
  • Discuss alternate activities where the group could work together to make a difference for others, such as volunteering or fundraising for a local charity or event.

Take a stand

  • Refuse to participate, and support others who refuse to participate.

Report hazing

  • Consider reporting the hazing. You can do so confidentially and anonymously.
  • Don’t yield to pressures to keep it a secret—that will only carry on the hazing cycle.
  • If you’ve been hazed and need help, contact someone for support. Don’t suffer in silence.

It takes courage to challenge hazing, but you can make a difference.