Suggestions for Current Members

Show what true team leadership is

As a leader on campus you are responsible for welcoming students to Dalhousie’s student teams, clubs, societies and organizations. Positive, welcoming traditions help others become part of a group. All students have the right to be welcomed and join in Dalhousie activities without being subjected to hazing.

Hazing can have serious, long-lasting effects on physical and emotional health. It’s important that you know how to identify hazing, understand the risks, learn how to protect yourself and others, and have confidence that you can help stop hazing.

If you think an activity or society tradition constitutes hazing you can:

Confront hazing

  • Approach your fellow team or group members and raise your concerns. Let them know that you don’t believe new members should have to go through what you did.
  • Try to convince others that the consequences are not worth it. The university takes hazing very seriously. Hazing incidents can result in charges under the Code of Student Conduct and suspension of the group.

Start positive traditions

  • Design positive activities to create belonging, friendship, and individual accomplishment without hazing. Suggest activities like:
    • a team hiking trip
    • a photo scavenger hunt on the waterfront
    • decorating group T-shirts
    • booking a bus to go kayaking at Terence Bay
    • a potluck meal and movie nights
    • signing up for intramural sports together
  • Build awareness of the value of your group: Invite alumni to an activity to discuss their positive experiences and what the group means to them.
  • Instill a sense of belonging: Host a welcoming event to officially welcome new members to your group, discuss hopes for the group’s future and share ideas for the year.
  • Improve the visibility of your group in the university community: Plan a joint event with a similar campus group to create more friendships and bonds.

Take a stand

  • Refuse to participate and support others who refuse to participate.

It takes courage to challenge hazing, but you can make a difference.

Visit the Student Code of Conduct webpage for more information.