Bar Services


Serving alcohol on campus

What you need to know 

Now that you have decided to host an event on Dal campus (if you haven’t already booked space, you can do so here), you should be thinking about what your event will look like; one of your considerations will be whether or not to include alcohol.

Dalhousie University is committed to providing a safe and healthy work and study environment for all members of the University community and campus visitors. This commitment includes ensuring safety and responsibility in the use of alcohol in all areas of campus life.

Getting started

  • All alcohol served at events on Dalhousie campuses must be purchased through Dalhousie Bar Services. You are not permitted to purchase your own alcohol for events.
  • Only societies that have been ratified through the DSU can serve alcohol at events.
  • All requests begin with the Request for Dalhousie Bar Services Form. This form provides us withdetails about your event including date, time, location, type of event, expected number of attendees, in addition to any required documents.
       - Complete all required areas and email the signed form to
       - You will receive a response to your request within 24 hours.
       - Depending on the type of bar services you are requesting, the process can take up to 10 days, so please consider this in your planning schedule.

The form will identify specific documentation and/or training that is required to process your request. Requests are dependent on the nature of your relationship with the University and the amount of support you would like at your event:

1. Requirements for ratified Dalhousie Student Union Societies requesting full bar service

Dalhousie Bar Services provides servers

2. Requirements for ratified Dalhousie Student Union Societies requesting partial bar service 

Society provides servers

3. Requirements for Dalhousie Faculty/Department requesting full bar service 

Dalhousie Bar Services provides servers

4. Requirements for Dalhousie Faculty/Department requesting partial bar service 

Faculty/department provides servers

5. Requirements for members of the general public who are hosting events on Dal campus

Full bar service required: partial serve option not available

Once your Request for Dalhousie Bar Services Form has been reviewed and approved, Dalhousie Bar Services will contact you by email and send the following documents (for requests that involve partial bar service): 

  • Dalhousie Bar Services Price List  
       -Identifies product, rental and service costs
  • Special Occasion License Application Form
       - Complete, sign and email to  
       - The form can take up to 10 days to process so please consider this in your event planning schedule.
       - Once your signed copy is received, Dalhousie’s License Designate will sign and share a copy with other Dal departments that need to be informed.
  • You will be notified by email when your signed license is available for pick up. Once signed by you and Dalhousie’s Alcohol Designate, this document will become your event license and must be posted/displayed during your event in a visible area. At this time, you will also receive information regarding alcohol product pick up.  


Please contact with questions about the information mentioned above or Dalhousie’s licensed establishments (the Arts Centre, Grawood or T-room).