Recommendations and New Activities


Recommendations for 2019–20:  
  1. Use the framework structure to identify and share current and potential Dalhousie activities that align with PEP-AH strategic areas and recommendations to support alcohol harm reduction among students.
  2. Share the DAHR Strategy as web content ( rather than a static document, ensuring transparency, accessibility and opportunities to connect supporting documents, resources and other alcohol-related student content.
  3. Continue to participate in and use NCHA (or equivalent) data as a benchmark to measure the previously mentioned objectives around binge drinking and use of protective strategies.
  4. Continue to build and further establish relationships with organizations and individuals that align with alcohol harm reduction (Dalhousie and external community).
  5. Operationalize and evaluate the DAHR Strategy through Student Affairs Health Promotion Office.
  6. Introduce new initiatives that address the three levels of the social ecological model: 
    - Individual approaches: create opportunities and introduce expectancy challenge interventions and/or brief motivational interview.
    - Environmental approaches: conduct a feasibility study around creating and introducing a designated alcohol-free residence space or building.
    - System approaches: implement a bystander intervention program and/or advocate and contribute to academic research supporting the Municipal Alcohol Policy and a shift in the provincial culture of heavy drinking to one of moderation.