Pricing of Alcohol


The PEP-AH framework identifies the following high-level recommendations:  

  • Regulate price promotions, discount sales and flat rates for unlimited drinking or other types of volume sales 
  • Establish minimum prices for the sale of alcohol beverages 
  • Provide price incentives for lower-strength and non-alcoholic beverages 

The framework suggests the following initiatives: 

  • Regulate "last calls" 
  • Regulate "happy hours,” "ladies nights," etc. 
  • Regulate the number of drinks that can be purchased by patrons at one time 
  • Regulate the size of drink containers to reflect standard drink sizes 
  • Implement maximum serving sizes that can be served to patrons in one drink 
  • Create price incentives for lower-alcohol-strength products   
  • Ensure that non-alcoholic beverages are always available and less expensive than alcoholic beverages

Dalhousie supports these recommendations and initiatives by:

  • Regulating all Dalhousie licensed establishments and through Dalhousie Bar Services and Dalhousie’s Alcohol Policy