Health Promotion, Prevention and Education


The PEP-AH framework identifies the following high-level recommendations:  

  • Ensure broad access to information and effective education and awareness programs about alcohol-related issues  
  • Challenge social norms supportive of hazardous and harmful drinking 

 The framework suggests the following initiatives: 

  • Implement an alcohol awareness day/week/month  
  • Implement an alcohol-related theme day/week/month  
  • Promote low-risk drinking guidelines (LRDGs) 
  • Implement orientation programs 
  • Develop and ensure ongoing distribution of resources for parents/guardians of students  
  • Require mandatory training on alcohol-related issues for all major student associations and organizations 
  • Develop social norm marketing campaigns

Dalhousie supports these recommendations and initiatives through:

  • Alcohol Awareness Week in residence 
  • Ongoing programming through Student Health & Wellness  
  • Mental Health Awareness Week Student Union Building presentation: Coping and Alcohol Promote Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines
  • Start on Track programming 
  • Element of mandatory residence educational assignment for Alcohol Policy violations 
  • Supporting the Keep it Social norming campaign 
  • Dry orientation event programming 
  • Dry residence transition period (September) 
  • Messaging through family and friends communications 
  • Training on alcohol-related issues for all major student associations and organizations delivered by Dalhousie Student Union 
  • Annual training for sport clubs and varsity athletes