Campus Services


The PEP-AH framework identifies the following high-level recommendations:    

  • Establish and maintain a system to monitor drinking behaviours, risk factors and impacts, with regular reporting mechanisms  
  • Support initiatives for screening and brief interventions for hazardous and harmful drinking 
  • Strengthen emergency health services to enhance on-campus safety and ability to respond to medical emergencies related to alcohol 

The framework suggests the following initiatives: 

  • Conduct regular survey of students' alcohol use, knowledge, attitudes and consequences 
  • Provide expectancy challenge interventions  
  • Promote protective behavioural strategies interventions  
  • Provide brief motivational interviewing 
  • Inform students about on-campus safety services 
  • Ensure that emergency health services have proper training to respond to alcohol-related emergencies

Dalhousie supports these recommendations and initiatives through:

  • Ongoing participation in the National College Health Assessment (NCHA) survey  
  • Data collection and reporting for campus- and residence-based alcohol-related incidents 
  • Participation in the Canadian University Survey Consortium (CUSC) 
  • Start on Track programming 
  • Residence and International Centre conduct/wellness meetings  
  • Keep it Social booths and displays during high-risk periods and events  
  • Promoting the DalSAFE app 
  • Proactive email communications before major events (Homecoming, Halloween)   
  • Security Services ongoing training (training to respond to alcohol-related emergencies)
  • DMCRT (Dalhousie Medical Campus Response Team) services