Availability and Marketing


The PEP-AH framework identifies the following high-level recommendations:  

  • Manage and regulate access to alcoholic beverages 
  • Set up regulatory framework for alcohol marketing 
  • Set up effective administrative and deterrence systems for infringements on marketing restrictions

The framework suggests the following initiatives: 

  • Regulate alcohol use in situations that are recognized to be conducive to heavy drinking 
  • Regulate days and hours when alcohol can be sold on campus 
  • Offer alcohol-free residence and areas  
  • Offer alcohol-free campus events and social activities  
  • Ensure that licensed establishments on campus adhere to proper server training and responsible operations   
  • Inform students attending or hosting parties on campus about common party violations and liability   
  • Exercise disciplinary jurisdiction over on-campus disturbances caused by students  
  • Regulate sponsorship activities that promote alcoholic beverages on campus 
  • Regulate direct or indirect marketing of alcohol on campus  
  • Regulate alcohol promotions in connection with activities targeting students on campus  
  • Regulate publicity on campus featuring availability of alcohol at events and locations  

Dalhousie supports these recommendations and initiatives through:

  • Dry residence period as part of Orientation 
  • Residence guest restrictions in place during high-risk periods – Halifax and Truro 
  • Harm reduction programming introduced 
  • Residence-specific Code of Conduct  
  • Substance-free locations, programming and events        
    - Specific areas in residence (common areas, lounges, dining halls)
    - International Centre – location and programming
    - September Orientation  
    - Dal After Dark programming 
    - Res Life programming
    - Aggies@Night and House Council social events  
    - DSU coordinates intermittent substance-free events and programming
  • Licensee designates are accountable for both Halifax and Truro licensed areas and establishments
  • Dalhousie’s Alcohol Policy addresses multiple issues