Alcohol Safety

Rules for the sale and consumption of alcohol on campus

Dalhousie University supports responsible choices involving alcohol. We all have a responsibility regarding our consumption and to help minimize risk as a result of consumption.

Drinking and university seem to go hand in hand and we know that drinking responsibly can sometimes be a challenge. Here are some tips for sensible drinking:

  • Know your limits
  • Eat food while you drink
  • Sip your drink
  • Accept a drink only when you really want one
  • Skip a drink now and then
  • Cultivate taste—choose quality over quantity
  • Beware of unfamiliar drinks
  • Make sure that drinking improves social relationships rather than impairs them
  • Appoint a designated driver
  • Use alcohol carefully in connection with medications
  • Respect those who don't want to drink
  • Be aware of a standard drink size, as your body can only metabolize one standard drink per hour. Four to five standard drinks per hour for males, and three to four standard drinks per hour for females, constitutes binge drinking.

Alcohol-free residences

Please note: Howe Hall, Shirreff Hall, Risley Hall, Gerard Hall, and Mini-Residence houses will be alcohol-free for the duration of the 2018 Orientation Week, from September 1–10, 2018. Students and their guests are not permitted to consume or be in possession of alcohol within those residence buildings during that time.

Dalhousie's policy on alcohol

The Alcohol Policy is a tool to support groups and individuals on campus who wish to host events or participate in events where alcohol will be served. We each have an individual obligation to use alcohol legally and responsibly, but the university can take appropriate action against anyone whose actions adversely affect Dalhousie activities or are inconsistent with the policy. Please read the policy to ensure you’re aware of restrictions and supports on campus.

The following are a few key expectations regarding alcohol as outlined in the Alcohol Policy:

Advertising of events that emphasize excessive or inappropriate alcohol consumption, or which refer to the price or cost of alcohol, will not be allowed on campus.

Pub Crawls
The university does not approve of pub crawls, and their organization or promotion on campus is not permitted.

View the full Alcohol Policy.

View Frequently Asked Questions regarding Dal's Alcohol Policy.

If you need help

The team in Student Health & Wellness can assist you if you're having trouble with alcohol or want more information on drinking responsibly.