Your Online Image

Don’t let your online presence be a source of regret

The Internet has changed how we interact with our friends, how we study for classes, and how people work. While it may seem far off at this point, it’s important to consider the impact that the Internet could have on your future career.

It’s increasingly difficult to control your online presence. Friends tagging you in pictures from that party last week, quoting the stupid thing you said on Twitter, or uploading that embarrassing video they took of you with their smartphone—not to mention all the pictures, tweets and blog posts you upload yourself. Once something is on the Internet it’s incredibly difficult to get rid of it. You need to assume that it will be there forever.

Increasingly companies and universities are screening candidates based on their online presence. Some companies even use what they find online to reduce their candidate pool.

So ask yourself: how do you want others to perceive you?