Respectful Neighbours

Remember your surroundings

University students in Halifax and Truro live in diverse communities next to young families, professionals, retirees and other students.

While this leads to vibrant cities, it can also occasionally result in neighborhood conflict. But a little common sense and common courtesy can go a long way.

Getting to know your neighbours will help prevent conflict from arising in the first place. Introduce yourself when you first move in and be sure to say hello when passing by. Surprise a neighbour by offering to shovel their driveway or help rake some leaves. It’s a great way to get fresh air, exercise and build positive relationships (all while procrastinating from that paper you should be writing). If you live in an apartment or flat you could see if one of your neighbours would like help with their gardening. In exchange for weeding, perhaps you could have some fresh herbs to use while cooking.

No one wants to live in a messy neighbourhood, so keep your lawn clean and organized. If you smoke, and do so outside, make sure to clean up your cigarette butts and keep the noise at an appropriate level. Your neighbours will appreciate it and it will help ensure your off-campus experience is a great one.